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Beautified effect of idebenone

1.Induction of idebenone
The best way to protect our skin is recovery, so idebenone, the highly expected antioxidant, will be the warmly welcomed material for beauty and juvenility.
 Idebenone is orange powder(CAS#58186-27-9), and was first researched by Japanese key pharmacy in1986; and later, under the discovery of Germany latrical research team, it was effective to protect cell, especially neuro-degradation disease such as Alzheimer's Disease. After the fruit acid of the 1970s and 1980s, under the analysis of Institute of Anti-Aging Research, the epoch-making achievement, idebenone of antioxidant, was superior to the common antioxidant such as Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10 as well we Vitamin C. as idebenine is a kind of neuroprotective benzoquinone-analog, developed from the co-fermented Coenzyme Q10(restrain free radical of human body), but it has only one third molecular weight of Coenzyme Q10, therefore, it is more easy and effective to enter face; while in the concentration, it only requires one tenth of Coenzyme Q10, which is more effective to neutralize and restrain free radical. Besides, according to famous international medicinal journal in January, 2005-----The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Environmental Protection Factor(EPF) was carried out to idebenone, vitamin E, co-ferment Coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and protogen, the antioxidant mark was respectively 95, 80, 55, 52 and 41 if judges 100 as the full mark. Environmental Protection Factor Test is to testify the oxidation resistance of antioxidant on the basis of sunburn cell index, chemical fluorescence test, primary oxidated product, secondary oxidated product as well as UVB resistant rate, all of which is effective to show that idebenone is good for preventing wrinkle, prohibiting melanin,, as well as slowing up the destroy rate of collagen protein in deep cortex.

2.Application of idebenone
The terrific antioxdiated effect of idebenone has led Elizabeth Arden, a hundred year experience in cosmetic field, the first time to cooperate with famous internatinal pharmacy Allergan in the line of allantiasis bacillus, and made out PREVAGE, the first medicinal beautified brand,which is quite good in slowing down and making up aging face. PREVAGE is an omnibearing anti-aging product, with concentration of 5% idebenone , which is proved to be effective to restore and protect skin, retain natural creation of collagen protein, decrease wrinkle, consolidate external surface and improve its color and tranparency; what’s more, the green tea extraction pith inside is favorable to produce collagen protein, activate face, decrease wrinkle, consolidate and smooth surface. The highly stressed PREVAGE, took the first place the moment it marched the market November,2008 both in American and Britain departments.

Australian academic research institute has proved the effect of PREVAGE, that is , in the eight weeks of clinical experiment, PREVAGE with 5% idebenone have following advantages in the terms of antioxidated effect:
1. improve vein and wrinkle of skin
2. increase bright degree of skin
3. improve skin destroyed by the light
4. improve tightness and flexibility of skin
5. improve dry skin
Other brands that idebenone has been applied in are MISSJO, Biopeutic,etc. Biopeutic is the product introduced by HUIMIN pharmaceutical company and researched by foreign academic cosmetic institute. At present there are five producers in all developing famous brand of medicinal fruit-acid, that is, three in America, one in Japan, one in German. idebenone white purative dew of youth is distillated liquid for anti-aging, antioxidation and whitening.
 With the discovery and breakthrough of new function of anti-wrinkle and aging, idebenone is and will be gradually applied in cosmetic field. Although some kind of skin disease could not be fully cured through science for the time being, idebenone has shocked the scientists for its great ability of antioxidation and prevention towards collagen protein. Idebenone, the latest antioxidant nowdays with quite small molecular weight, is one of the most effective elements to protect and activate cell, effective to prohibit skin-aging and destroy from exetrnal environment. This product is easy to be absorded, and is favorable for color face-painting as its ungreasy characterist. It will be the leading oxidant and will be the apple in beauties’ eyes.